Ayurveda and Iyengar Yoga in MySore India

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prices per person

Basic Ayurvedic Treatment Package (6 Abhyanga Massages or 4 Massages and 3 Options)

  1 person 2 people
Single Room $3175 $3025
Deluxe Room $3975 $3675
Cottage $4375 $3975

Comprehensive Ayurvedic Treatment Packages (Rejuvenation or Weight Loss)

  1 person 2 people
Single Room $4125 $3875
Deluxe Room $4700 $4150
Cottage $4950 $4275

***These prices are per individual. For example, if you choose a comprehensive treatment package and a deluxe room and you are the only person in your room, your individual price is $4700. If there are two of you sharing a deluxe room and one person chooses the comprehensive he/she pays $4150 and if the other person chooses the basic treatment package he/she would pay $3675.

These prices include everything except airfare, your personal shopping expenses, and your hotel in Bangalore during return travel. They do include transportation from the Bangalore airport to the spa in Mysore, 3 meals/day, accomodations, and treatments at the spa, two excursions to temples and palaces in Mysore, as well as daily yoga classes.