Ayurveda and Iyengar Yoga in MySore India

ayurveda treatments

Prepare yourself for world-class ayurvedic body treatments.

Choose your treatment package:

Basic Treatment:

THE BASIC AYURVEDIC TREATMENT PACKAGE consists of 4 massages and your choice of 3 other treatments. Choose between beauty treatments, oil infusions, area-specific massages, and the popular oil-stream on the forehead (shirodhara).

Comprehensive Treatments:

REJUVENATION - Treatments with a balanced focus on cleansing, beautifying, and rejuvenating. Warm medicated oil massages, sweat boxes, specialized herbal massages, and your choice of beauty treatments, oil infusion, etc.

WEIGHT LOSS - This specialized treatment plan depends on the individual and will be given after consulting with doctors. 8 specialized herbal massages are at the core of this treatment. You will also have the popular oil-stream of the forehead and choice of beauty treatment.