Ayurveda and Iyengar Yoga in MySore India

frequently asked questions

What are the dates?

How much is the deposit and what is the refund policy?

What are the treatments like?

They are divine. Seriously. The first thing you do is consult with the resident doctor. There they assess your constitution, and plan your treatments according to what YOU need. Most of the treatments are done with warm, medicated oils specific to your needs, and they are always done by at least 2 people, sometimes as many as 6! It's an amazing feeilng to have so much attention, and the results of the treatments are unparralled peace and physical ease and comfort.

What does a typical day look like?

Options, lots of very good options. You can take yoga classes throughout (pranayama and seated meditation early, early asana 1 hr, early evening asana 1.5hrs). You can take a rickshaw into Mysore and explore anytime, easily, and you can get back easily and quickly. At some unknown moment you'll be told "the doctor will see you" and you'll have your consultation. If you're doing the basic pacakage then you schedule the 6 massages whenever you want. If you're doing PanchaKarma and/or Rejuvination Packages then you will have a series of treatments planned. It will take a couple of days to figure out how best to schedule, but then you will figure out the schedule that works for you.

You have complete freedom to make your schedule work for you, and lots of excellent options to choose from.

What level will the Yoga classes be?

Your group leader is an experienced, certified Yoga instructor. He/she can teach different levels in the same class. However, if you have specific injuries or issues with your yoga practice please inform us so we can make sure these classes are appropriate for you.

What's the weather like?

Is it safe to bring kids to India?

Mysore itself has very decent air quality even in most traffic, but the environment at the spa where we spend most of our time is impeccably clean with excellent air. There is also top quality medical care in Mysore, just minutes away from IVAC.

What are the travel details?

You are responsible for arranging air travel to Bangalore Airport (BLR). Upon arriving at the Bangalore airport we will have a driver waiting for you, with a sign with your name printed on it. He will take you to Mysore, which is a 2 - 3 hour drive. You will be deliverd to our spa, IVAC, and the grand treatment will begin. Leaving will be similiar. You will be driven from IVAC to the Bangalore airport, or if you are flying out the next day you will be driven to your hotel. If you need a hotel in Bangalore on our arrival or return we are happy to help you arrange that; you will be responsible for paying for the hotel and transportation from hotel to airport.